Some of our Products listed in LinkedIn

Some of our products have now been listed on LinkedIn.com. Go to Linkedin.com and hit the "Products" tab; you should see some cool stuff now. 

So you can find, for example:

  • HaveWebsite.com: a no-code solution for creating a website using our havewebsite.com platform. Give it a try and see how you can create a free website. 
  • text2speech.dev: AI-based text2speech platform which helps people to convert text to speech automatically with popular cloud providers
  • UnelmaCloud.com: our cloud-based file storage service. Free for anyone who wants to use this up to 20GB. You can upload anything and use it however you like
  • UnelmaCRM.com: we have an in-house CRM platform as we do not use any third-party CRM service, and we call it UnelmaCRM :) Let us know if you would be interested in creating a CRM service. 
  • UnelmaHost.com: our in-house hosting service has yet to be opened to the public, and we do not plan to open it as such. Some things are good to keep private. 
  • UnelmaMail.com: This is AI-powered email marketing stuff we are still developing and trying to build iteratively. 
  • UnelmaPay.com: A wallet type of platform with which we are experimenting. It is a game-changer as we grow our user base with web3, DeFI and decentralized web stuff. 
  • Userly.org: Google analytics app where you can check your websites and various reports related to that stuff. 


If you have already tried, you can add "Skills" related to these products on your linkedin.com. sites