UnelmaMail: AI-powered, Full-Featured, Easy-to-Use Email Marketing Automation Platform

Explore UnelmaMail, the world's first AI-powered email marketing platform developed by Unelma Platforms. Offering user-friendly and efficient solutions, UnelmaMail revolutionizes the way businesses engage in email marketing strategies for ultimate growth and expansion. Experience the future of email marketing with UnelmaMail.

Free Unelma Platforms API: Unleashing Global Developer Tools

Leverage the power of Unelma Platforms API: a free, open-source, user-friendly platform focusing on freedom and security. This developer's tool caters to different needs, offering functionalities like UnelmaCloud, UnelmaMovie, HaveWebsite.com, UnelmaMusic, Unelma.IO, and UnelmaMail API services.


U16P.com now uses GPT-4

Emerging social tool, U16P.com, steps up its game by integrating GPT-4 into its platform, transforming the way users manage bio links and short links, and enhancing usability worldwide.

Unelma Platforms participates in Data+AI Summit in San Francisco

Unelma Platforms is proud to announce its participation in the Generational AI event organized by Databricks, considered one of the essential global data and AI community events. The event will take place from June 26-29. It is an excellent opportunity for industry leaders and practitioners to come together and share their knowledge on data management, data science, AI, and machine learning.

sortlist office

Unelma Platforms listed as top rated agency in SortList.com

Sortlist has verified Unelma Platforms as an official member and top-rated agency. This means businesses can trust in their expertise and experience when creating effective online solutions.

Unelma Platforms is official .fi domain registrar

Unelma Platforms is a leading technology services company that has recently become Finland's official .fi domain registrar.